APP Success


  • Application Name: Live-Safe
  • App Type: Demo
  • Price: Free
  • Year Completed: 2020

Live Safe Overview.

The main purpose of the Life Safe application is to improve upon the current function of emergency alert systems such as dialing 911 or life alert, specifically to improve the safety of persons by allowing them to provide video to possible emergency responders. Emergency alert systems are a common component of rescue in the United States and abroad. However, these alert systems do not have a video feature. Persons may not have the time or ability to explain an unforeseeable emergency; this could result in serious injury or prolonged time to rescue a person in danger.

Expanding upon the function of current emergency alert systems, the Life Safe application allows rescue services to receive a live video of an emergency. While most applications only allow persons to talk or press a button to signal for help, the Life Safe application permits persons to send a video to emergency responders. This allows rescue teams to be better prepared and therefore have a better opportunity to manage the situation. The Life Safe application improves responders’ knowledge and awareness of potential emergencies. The Life Safe application may prove to be a necessity among emergency responders such as ambulance workers and police officers.