APP Success


  • Application Name: MicUp
  • Size: 21.3 MB
  • Price: Free
  • Year Completed: 2021

MicUp Overview.

Mic APP is to provide a method for individuals to turn their phones into a fully equipped microphone via an application. Microphones have been used to enhance audio experiences for decades now and continue to grow in popularity every year. Modern designs of microphones, however, often come with finicky wires that are susceptible to damage and tedious to maneuver.

Moreover, microphones are also heavy in weight which in return makes it more difficult for individuals to carry the device in their bags, pockets, etc. Ingenious and practical, the Mic Phone offers a modern app that ensures users have quick and easy access to a practical virtual microphone from the convenience of their phones, at all times. Initially, the Mic Phone will be compatible for all Android and iPhone users and can be easily downloaded.

Once downloaded, the user simply creates an account and connects the app to a Bluetooth speaker. Once the speaker is connected, the user can begin to use the app as a convenient, on the go microphone that possesses advanced technology whereas individuals can employ auto tune, voice changing, and other features through the app and will even be able to record and save their sessions on their cellular devices, for immediate accessibility.

Furthermore, with the Mic Phone, individuals will not have to worry about forgetting to bring a microphone with them to a set or event and will have access to a microphone at any time and in any location. This unprecedented application may prove to be a necessity in the technology industry.