APP Success


  • Application Name: Proof
  • App Type: Demo
  • Price: Free
  • Year Completed: 2021

Proof Overview.

The main purpose of Proof is to provide a vehicle surveillance system app, specifically to allow individuals the ability to monitor either a live stream or past footage, in cases of emergency.

Traffic stops by police officers are often recorded for the safety of civilians and the officers. However, in many situations today, the live footage can easily be manipulated and/or erased thus altering the benefit of reviewing the action that genuinely occurred; thus, making it difficult for persons to prove what actually happened during a traffic stop or at any crime scene. Ingenious and practical, Proof presents an automotive surveillance monitoring system consisting of 4 recording cameras in combination with a corresponding app that allows consumers to select emergency contacts, in order to allow access for them to view the users altercations/activities live. Once Proof is downloaded, the user can easily create an account and will have access to a feed of local laws for the member’s designated state as well as the opportunity for users to share their experience with the product, promote upcoming protests, and sign petitions. With GPS technology, every listed location will be available with each feed and all audio and video evidence is clear for persons to understand as well as to remotely watch, as needed. Member services in the application is where users can update their information, formally request footage captured etc. Proof may prove to be a necessity to all automobile owners who desire to have an innovative surveillance system in cases of emergency. It may also be a great benefit in the technology industry.