Formal Service Proposal


A formal service proposal is a contractual document between a service provider and an individual or business contracting a service. Before any service is provided, a contractor should submit a formal service proposal including a scope of work related to any tasks or objectives for the project. Traditionally, independent inventors and entrepreneurs would have worked with invention promotion and patent marketing companies without formal service proposals. This presented avoidable risk to

their intellectual property and the development investments. Within the mainstream of the intellectual property field, formal service proposals are commonplace. Recent technologies allow inventors to gain access to the intellectual property marketplace without traditional costs associated with completing their legal work independently.


Some of the first service proposals on record date back to ancient Egypt when early business people recognized the need to make clear terms for any agreement. As contract documents became more formal, consumers were able to use proposals to compare service providers. Establishing intellectual property in this age relies heavily on formal service proposals to keep companies and contractors aligned with the same goals. The US Constitution grants The United States Legislature the powers to shape American intellectual property law. In 1999, the American Inventors Protection Act forced reforms on invention promotion and patent marketing companies which are known for victimizing independent inventors. The law requiring more formality when these companies make proposals to inventors. Still, these proposals may be misleading or offer ripoffs of legitimate intellectual property work.

For Independent Inventors

Many independent inventors or businesses who are entering the intellectual property field for the first time are unfamiliar with formal service proposals for patent or product development work. It is important for any contractor to go over the terms and scope of work disclosure on any formal service proposal. These are the details that let you know what work is being proposed and how it will be completed. Unexpected costs can be devastating enough to harm the progress of an intellectual property headed for licensing or a startup venture. Always demand a written formal service proposal when comparing contractors. For individuals and businesses that are completely new to intellectual property, only work with resources which offer consultation at a reasonable cost. Having no guidance or expensive guidance will greatly increase the challenges in pursuing the venture. Keep an eye on the support and consultation offered by these contractors as well. By reviewing each proposal carefully, you could steer clear of patent marketing companies and invention promotion schemes offering sub-standard intellectual property services.

Patent Services USA

Patent Services USA is proud to provide clear and formal service proposals that are easy to understand. Any inventor or entrepreneur in our network has access to experienced advisors to explain the terms and details of each proposal they receive. Our confidential submission process promises a quick turnaround on screening and prompt formal service proposal if there is a potential to pursue a patent or startup.

In order to bring the top services in the intellectual property industry to first-time inventors or startup entrepreneurs, we have combined strong relationships with industry pros and the strength of the largest network of professional inventors. Whenever a product or business concept clears our screening process, our formal service proposals offer the most competitive pricing and scope of work available to independents. Get started with this screening by completing a statement of non-disclosure here.