The inaugural InventPaloozaTM marked an amazing venture for the innovation industry

InventPaloozaTM, held by Patent Services USA with collaborative support from International Licensing Consultants, stood out in bringing together inventors and a panel of seasoned licensees for a day devoted to celebrating ingenuity.

InventPaloozaTM, conceptualized as an annual event, held the very first gathering of its kind on September 4th, 2015. Unique in its creation, InventPaloozaTM enabled inventors and selected licensing companies to come together under one platform, for one goal: innovation support. The program created a rare opportunity for listening to industry leaders discuss business essentials thereafter participating in an open Q & A with guests during the1st session, with the 2nd session devoted to direct inventor-to-licensee presentations geared towards specific product feedback and recommendations for potential entrance into the market.

The primary motive behind InventPaloozaTM is to unite intellectual property and retail marketing experts not only to teach and help budding innovators but also create a casual network opportunity for learning about novel products as well as the passionate story behind their creations. The one day event passed as a success and an invaluable educational experience for all in attendance.

Speakers present at InventPaloozaTM, included Michael Planit, a senior-level executive boasting more than 20 years of strategic business and marketing experience. James Jennings, Vice-President of Patent Services USA, also engaged guests by sharing knowledge as a senior-level executive with more than 30 years of expertise in engineering, product development, marketing and commercialization.

Adam Russell, a business owner, public speaker, investor and consultant brought essential learning tools to the event and along with Jeff Feierstein, a renowned expert in direct mail from catalog, space, credit card syndication and TV, provided feedback regarding the various methods one can utilize to market their product to a consumer base.

InventPaloozaTM is the brainchild of Patent Services USA, a respected company known for its efforts in providing free consultation as well as support for independent inventors among many other project management services. International Licensing Consultants is an affiliate of Patent Services USA, known for offering marketing assistance and was therefore a perfect ally to assist in the infinite potential of such an event.

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