Tips for Inventors While meeting with a patent Consultant


Great ideas are nothing more than passing thoughts if they are not executed in the right direction. When an inventor comes up with a working prototype after spending days, weeks, and months that matches with the idea he had in his mind, it is just the first step that he has taken. The reality is, the entire journey of converting your invention into a commercialized product is quite tedious and time-consuming.

Therefore, taking professional help from a licensed patent consultant is always a good idea to complete the process smoothly.

Threats to your Invention

One of the biggest threats to your idea is duplicity. Apart from the possibility of someone stealing your idea, there are high chances that someone might come up with an idea similar to yours. That's the reason, patents are so important to protect your invention from stealing and copying. Also, the chances are that someone might have already patented an idea similar to yours. In that case, it is better to take consultation from a Patent Services Company to know whether your idea/invention has already been patented or not.

What's a Patent?

A patent, in simple words, is a form of the intellectual property providing its owner the legal right to exclude other competitors from using, creating, copying, or selling an invention for a limited duration in exchange for public disclosure of the concerned invention. An inventor can take the help of a patent services company to get his invention patented and begin his business development.

Patent Services USA

Patent Services USA is one of the most trusted patent service providers in the USA serving both the business units as well as the individual inventors. The company has developed patent clearinghouse technologies to sync the talented inventors with the industry in the most economical way. The organization is enriched with a pool of talented patent consultants who can guide you and handle all the technicalities and formalities that come along with the task of patenting your invention.

The company will provide you a licensed patent attorney who has years of experience in the entire patent filing and registration procedure. Also, the attorney will provide you with the United States Patent and Trademark Office's (USPTO) massive database to conduct a preliminary check for any existing patent of similar type. Based on the database along with our consultant's advice, you can kick-start your journey of turning your invention into a reality.

Therefore, it is always highly preferable to take patent assistance from a trained professional rather than trying to do everything on your own. This is because if you lack a strong patent, drafted by a skilled professional, there are chances that some opponent may find a loophole to copy your invention and put you in trouble. Here comes the Patent Services USA, working in this domain for so many years and helping the inventors by providing quality patent-related assistance and guidance.

Essential Tips That Investors Can Keep In

As soon as you have been assigned a patent consultant by the patent service company, there are a few things that you need to remember. Below are the factors you should keep in mind while pitching your idea to the patent consultant -

  1. 1. Confidentiality
  2. 2. Preparations
  3. 3. Invention History
  4. 4. Delivery of the Information
  5. 5. Keep Notes
  6. 6. Be realistic

Let us discuss in detail how these factors can help you:


Federal regulations always need patent attorneys and agents to maintain the information they collect from different clients. Confidentiality embodies the federal regulations that apply to the patent attorney and agents. Even to protect the disclosure of trade secrets, a statement of non-disclosure is necessary. A prospective client is that individual who comes to the attorney seeking help and assistance regarding the verification of their invention or idea.

Since the attorney will represent you in the court, they must be fully aware of what they are dealing with. Only after listening and considering your invention, they sign the confidentiality agreement. Patent attorneys work in a transparent way to maintain the confidentiality of the client as it is their main priority and they never compromise on that.


Patent consultants will be meeting you to discuss the patent's invention. Skipping any of those meetings won't be a good idea. One of the most challenging tasks for any patent attorney is to take up a case where the client is unwilling to cooperate. Yes! It's a matter of concern as some people aren't cooperative with their attorneys, and can lead to many disadvantages and inabilities to assist the concerned individual. The attorney is there to represent you and your invention so they require your full cooperation during the process.

Flawless communication is the key between you and your attorney. You should be willing to share and discuss your invention idea without feeling threatened. We at Patent Services USA follow a strict non-disclosure policy where we do not share any information with a third party. Hence, you need not feel worried about the privacy of your invention and can take the liberty to discuss your invention/product freely with our agent.

Invention History

The patent attorney you have hired must know about your invention's full-timeline. In the process of filing your patent, there are strict deadlines that must be discussed regarding marketing your invention. You must provide detail to the attorney as much as possible that should include dates and the development time. Do not limit it, but also mention if you have disclosed about the publication of your invention in the magazine/paper or to any other individual.

It would be best if you also talk about any co-inventors or other people associated with it. It is essential to speak of any other contributors who are present in the team. Always bring up important details in the initial early stages of consultation. As a result, it helps prevent any compromise of the patent and allows the attorney to set up accordingly. It is the right of the attorney to ask you essential questions regarding the invention history.

Deliver All Information

If you want your meetings with the patent consultant to be more productive and useful, you must send them a few important resources like the invention history, details about the different co-inventors/multi-party, images/sketches/drawings, questions about the patent process, patent search results, questions about the firm, questions about individual employees, goals, and timeline beforehand.

When your attorney is aware of all these details and information, it becomes much easier for them to anticipate your plans so they can consult and advise you in a better way. Don't hold yourself back at all times. You have to put very few crucial things on the table without feeling threatened.

Keep Notes

It does not matter if your meeting with the attorney is over the phone or upfront. You must be fully aware of your subject. Don't indulge in something else, and avoid losing focus over the prime topic of discussion. You need to be 100% present and attentive towards the attorney if you want to extract maximum value from the meetings.

For that reason, you should question the attorney regarding any doubt and query that you have in mind. It is highly advisable that you should note down all the related points on a paper or a notepad concerning your invention so that while you are discussing, you eliminate all the possibilities of skipping any of those points. Noting down all the points before your meeting will help you to a great extent.

Be Realistic

Lastly, you should be realistic about your invention, ideas, plans, and business model. Without any realistic concept or idea in your mind, there's no use of working so hard to get yourself a patent. It's better to have a plan on how you can use the patent and initialize your development process in the future. Having a clear vision will not only help you but also your attorney in conducting the process smoothly. Being realistic can be in different forms - from determining the marker size to estimating the valuation.

Your business plan must give answers to the questions like, what will be your mode of selling, what will be your manufacturing and distribution strategies, what is your franchise model, etc. All these decisions play a vital role in framing your marketing strategy. Also in the case when you are developing an App, you should be fully aware of its functionality and features as later on adding additional features will cost you a huge amount, making your project cost out of budget.


Patent services around the world are starting to become popular in this decade. There are more than 10 million patents in the United States of America alone. Every day someone or the other is registering and filing for a new patent. This is highly beneficial for a country's economy as every year thousands of new startups and businesses are emerging providing enormous employment opportunities to the public. If you also have a brilliant idea or invention, now is the time to make it real. You can contact us for a consultation regarding your invention. Our attorney will assist you in every possible way. Lastly, if this article has helped you in some way, then please share your valuable feedback and submit your idea for a review.