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Having access to valuable information is important for new inventors and entrepreneurs who are stepping into the intellectual property marketplace for the first time.

Our learning center was created to help inventors gain a thorough understanding of patents, the patent process, patent searches, applications, licensing and other related and important topics.

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Getting the most out of a patent application requires that research and strategy building has already been completed in detail. When an inventor establishes a patent application date, the contents of the application is used to define the protected invention idea.

As a newcomer to the intellectual property marketplace, here are 5 topics that we strongly believe that you should become familiar with:

  • Trade Secret - Before you have been granted a patent, you are most likely holding a trade secret. Know where you stand.
  • Intellectual Property - Property holds value. These are special properties that hold all the value in art and ideas.
  • Invention Promotion Company - AKA patent marketing company. Working with certain agencies can be a dead-end street. There are dozens of honest contractors who we have screened and tested for inventors in our network.
  • Licensing - Licensing is the most accessible way to get rewards or royalties from a patent. With the right support licensing can be a way to get passive income from intellectual property.
  • The Startup Model - Startups getting more and more popular. Launching a startup can be a very lucrative reason for establishing a patent.

Be on the lookout for links that are embedded within each article that will allow access to related subject matter. Please note that some of the material in our learning center is for advanced users and will require you to register before access is granted. After you have taken the first steps toward protecting your invention and patenting your invention or product idea, advanced topics will help you to keep you sure-footed at every stage of development.

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Any inventor with an active trade secret or startup also needs access to experienced support. Establish a confidential submission and statement of nondisclosure for your project, and we will make sure that you have a consultation team backing you up for the life of your project.